Al Ansari Exchange partners with Pelican to introduce an AI-based financial crime compliance solution - Al-Ansari Exchange


Al Ansari Exchange partners with Pelican to introduce an AI-based financial crime compliance solution

16 Mar 2020

PelicanSecure the Financial Crime Compliance Monitoring System with a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence based technology supports Al Ansari Exchange to identify, screen and report suspicious transactions, risk profiling and risk rating and transaction monitoring.

Al Ansari Exchange, the leading foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, today announced its strategic partnership with Pelican (, a global company that has pioneered the practical application of AI technology to enhance, streamline and secure the payment cycle and ensure financial crime compliance. Pelican will implement AI-based sanctions screening, anti-money laundering/transaction monitoring solutions, PelicanSecure™, in line with Al-Ansari Exchange’s innovation strategy and commitment to build an industry-leading compliance framework.

PelicanSecure™ employs advanced AI technologies to analyze transactions flagged for investigation through sanction screening tools. Pelican uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify, screen and report suspicious transactions.

Mohammad Bitar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Al Ansari Exchange, said, “Preventing financial crime sits at the core of our business and the partnership with Pelican demonstrates our commitment to continuously explore, create and introduce innovative financial solutions to strengthen our regulatory compliance framework and processes. The use of AI technology is part of the company’s strategy, so finding a proven solution from a partner we can trust is key. We selected pelican as we are convinced they can support us enhancing our anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance frameworks to make them more robust through the use of innovative technology. This is the start of a long-term partnership with Pelican and we look forward to working closely to streamline our operations around sanction screening, transaction monitoring and AML, both now and in the future.”

To select its partner, Al Ansari Exchange went through a comprehensive evaluation process. PelicanSecure was retained as it scores highly for compliance accuracy, explanation, auditability and processing capacity, as well as for its intelligent AI-based approach to classify and highlight high risk transactions and remittances with sanctioned entities.

Parth Desai, founder and CEO of Pelican commented: “It is a great privilege to work with Al Ansari Exchange and help them achieving their compliance ambitions. Designed to work both in real-time and periodic scanning and reporting environment, PelicanSecure will enhance the compliance functions and their scope within Al-Ansari Exchange. We share a common vision and are confident that Al Ansari Exchange will find that our technologies exceed their expectations as we embark on a long-term  relationship  to build an industry-leading compliance framework.”

Pelican has a strong footprint in the market with a portfolio of clients including leading financial institutions such as ADCB, Standard Chartered Bank, Al Mulla Exchange, Wells Fargo, State Bank of India and Bank of Barbado.